The ‘Artists in the Library’ program has wrapped! Animator Lynn Dana Wilton was onsite at the new Scarborough Civic Centre Library from September through the month of November. Lynn utilized the resources of the library, conducted research into the historic highlights of the area – including its parks, architecture, culture and people. In January, Lynn will use this research, which was developed in collaboration with participants in the community, to animate and edit together a collage to map the history of the neighbourhood.

Lynn also ran a workshop series for children and families on stop-motion animation using sand, clay, and silhouettes. Over 150 people participated! You can now view the results of these workshops and some photos of participants in actions, below!

TPL Clay Animation Jam (2015) from Lynn Dana Wilton on Vimeo.

TPL Sand Animation Jam (2015) from Lynn Dana Wilton on Vimeo.

TPL Silhouette Animation Jam (2015) from Lynn Dana Wilton on Vimeo.

Sand animation 2 After School Club 6  Cut outs Clay Workshop 2 Silouettes animation 4  Cut outs 10 After School Club 4   DSC05958 DSC05909 copy



Thanks to the Toronto Arts Council for funding TAIS’ Artist in the Library project, which was presented in collaboration with the Toronto Public Library.