SHOWCASE WORKSHOP: Outdoor Animation Techniques





October 16th 2021


1 pm – 4 pm



Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators

FREE for Members / $20 for Non-Members


Course Description

In this online workshop, we’re challenging the controlled studio setting, taking animated ideas outside! How can the textures and materials of the real world inspire and embody animation? How does changing weather, light, and wind affect time-lapse photography? How does animation’s control and precision work in the chaos of outdoor life? These ideas will be explored in the (virtual) fresh air as I demonstrate making a short outdoor scene with drawn, cut-out, and stop-motion techniques.

Based on my experience animating my film “WhateverTree”, I’ll touch on topics of story development, character design, performance and timing, figure-ground relationships, and quick post-production in my studio. Given the online format, we can’t work outside together, but I encourage you to follow along as I design, animate, edit, and add a simple soundtrack to the scene. Join me as we discover the unique joys (and frustrations) of animating outside!



Participants who wish to follow along are encouraged to bring their own:

– Camera (DSLR) and tripod

– Paper and drawing materials, cardboard, coloured paper, etc.

– After Effects, royalty-free sound effects from

*We have limited quantities available to lend to participants who don’t have access to these. Please contact for more information.


Optional/alternative materials:

– Any camera-enabled phone or tablet with tripod

– Paper, wood, clay, wire, or any other found materials you’d like to animate

– Stop Motion, or any other animation/editing app or software



I have been directing, designing, and animating short films and commercials since 2000. I have a special interest in blending handmade and digital techniques, character design, and exploring environmental themes for audiences of all ages.

My independent films and commercials have screened at hundreds of festivals and won many awards including the Annecy Public Prize. I have been awarded grants from the Canada, Ontario, and Toronto Arts Councils, and the NFB.

I have taught Character Design and animation at OCAD University, Sheridan College, and the Toronto Animated Image Society. Currently, I’m pursuing an MFA at OCAD U’s Interdisciplinary Masters in Art, Media and Design program.