COURSE – Rig & Animate Faces in After Effects


Mike Charal







IN-PERSON** at 1411 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON

Intermediate Animators*

$90.00 for TAIS Members; $110.00 CAD for Non-Members

*Intermediate level After Effects – you should already have a handle on how precompositions work, how to use keyframes and you should know your way around the interface. We will touch on all this stuff briefly, but won’t spend too much time on it.

**We are planning to hold this course in-person at TAIS, but we reserve the right to postpone or hold it online depending on COVID protocols needed at the time. Full refunds are available if changes to the dates or hours of the class are prohibitive for the registrant. Registrants will be notified as soon as possible of any changes to the class and/or schedule.


Course Description

In this intermediate After Effects workshop, we’ll design a character head, rig it to be animated, and start animating a short scene. We’ll be using a free script called DuIK Bassel 2 to assist us. We’ll also be diving into “expressions” (little snippets of code) in After Effects to help us automate and problem-solve as many things as possible. Automation is very valuable when rigging because you want to have as few manual things to tweak as possible when animating.

The main focus will be how to approach rigging based on what we need the character to do. What facial expressions does it need to make? Will it be speaking? How much will its head rotate? All of these things must be considered when designing and rigging a character. This 2-part class will be a jumping off point to give you the tools you need to rig your own character heads for animation.



– Laptop with Adobe After Effects (at least CC 2020 version 17.1)

  • (TAIS has a limited number of MacBook Pros and After Effects that we can lend to participants on a first-come first-serve basis – email if you’d like to reserve one!)

– DuIK Bassell 2 (FREE – download from and follow installation instructions)



I’m a Toronto-based motion designer who enjoys communicating stories and concepts through animation. After graduating with an engineering degree, I felt there wasn’t enough room in engineering to express myself as creatively as I wanted to, so I began to learn about design and animation and haven’t looked back. Having come from an engineering background, I approach problem-solving (which there’s a lot of in motion design) with a technical slant. This has been especially helpful for technical things like character rigging. I’ve worked with companies in Canada and the US creating all kinds of videos in a filming, editing, vfx and/or animation capacity to bring their visions to life on screen, but most recently with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios rigging and animating character faces.