Projection Mapping Workshop

February 16 |

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m

Technical skills development
Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators


Allison Moore

 (Free for TAIS Members)

Workshop Description


This 3 hour workshop will demonstrate how to use Madmapper software for creating projection mapping installations and performances.  The introductory demonstration invites participants to design installation works using video projection mapping on different surfaces. Participants are asked to bring their own animation content and will need basic knowledge of photo-editing or video editing software.  No previous knowledge of Mad-mapper required.  


Materials and software required:

  1. Computer, video projector and HDMI / video cable to connect projector
  2. Madmapper software (trial version can be downloaded for free)
  3. Cardboard / paper and tape or box to use for mapping content 
  4. Animation content (1-3 video loops of animation content) recommended



ALLISON MOORE is a new media artist working in expanded cinema and based in Montréal.  Her work has been programmed at Tokyo Arts and Space (Japan), OBORO (Montreal), Traverse Video (France), Museu de Arte de Belem (Brazil), Festival of Nouveau Cinéma (Montréal), FIFA Experimental (Montréal), MAPP Festival, MUTEK Montreal and ISEA 2020. Her recent projects involve thematic inspirations of storytelling narratives in digital arts, video-mapping landscapes and architecture, VR, site-specific public art and performance.  Moore’s works reinterpret and rebuild the world as a metaphoric landscape in which sensitive beings are in synergy with their allegorical macrocosm. Moore works as a freelance editor, compositor and animator as well as teaching workshops in New Media practices.