2021 TAIS Micro-Residency Talks



Featuring Yen Linh Thai
Date: July 14th, 2021
Time: 7:00PM EST
Location: TAIS Discord Server https://discord.gg/ZYCwM548Nx

An experimental stop motion animation developed during my micro-residency at the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS). Oh Deer is an experimental stop motion animation inspired by traditional Chinese shadow puppetry. Elements of real experiences, dreams and stories learned from my time at Spark Box Studios in Picton, Ontario are combined to create an eerie story that exists in between reality and the imagined. Follow along with two siblings and a doe and fawn, who unknowingly cross paths in a bizarre adventure for all involved

Yen Linh Thai is an interdisciplinary artist, muralist and illustrator based in Mississauga. Her work explores the whimsical and is largely inspired by her heritage, stories and storytelling. Shadow puppetry, animation, folk tales and the stories her parents tell her are all things she has drawn inspiration from. Linh strives to make art that exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions.





Featuring Lina Wu
Date: May 26th, 2021
Time: 6:00PM EST
Location: TAIS Discord Server https://discord.gg/XdXKf6TM
Lina WuBio: 
Lina Wu (BDes OCAD U) is a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator based in Tkaronto (Toronto). Her work explores self-perception, mythology, femininity, and adolescence through a diverse range of media. Her art has shown in galleries such as Xpace Cultural Centre and Gallery 44; she has facilitated workshops with organizations including Tea Base, Insomniac Film Festival, and Canada Comics Open Library. Lina is interested in fusing highbrow with lowbrow, and softness with strength.Project description:
 This project will explore navigating relationships with poor mental health through experimental hand-drawn animation and a hybrid of analogue and digital tools. The film will be comprised of illustrative vignettes of dreams, regrets, and fantasies, fragmented through time and space. I will be using different media to develop a rich variety of moving textures, exploring the fragility and malleability of memory.