WORKSHOP: Experimental Rotoscoping

INSTRUCTOR Cristal Buemi


Wednesday July 28th



Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators

Free for TAIS Members $20.00 CAD for Non-Members



Course Description

Through an experimental lens, this workshop focuses on using unorthodox natural materials like salt, lentils, quinoa, sand, etc. to create unique rotoscope animations.  Participants will be led through the frame by frame creative and technical process of how to bring their sequences to life.  Including: how to film, edit and import reference footage, animate in Dragonframe – an industry leading digital image capture software for stop motion animation, and prep material and workspaces.  In the end, participants will have their very own animated sequences and have a better understanding of what this incredible technique has to offer!

Equipment/Material requirements:  

  • Natural materials – this is an explorative process so any materials are welcome, however the best option is always something you have a large quantity of and can be easily pushed around into various shapes: Rice, Salt, Sand, Lentils, Beans, Quinoa, etc.
  • Camera + Software –  iPhone, iPad or DSLR camera, as well as a trial version of Dragonframe 4 (or higher) installed onto a computer.  If using an iPhone/iPad please also install the dragonframe tether app.  Temporary Dragonframe license and Basic animation kits are available for rent at TAIS on a first come first serve basis for those of you who would like to take part in the course but do not have equipment readily available at home.  For more information on the technical requirements and installation guidelines for both camera + software please visit: 

  • Tripod/mount – To hold your device into place 
  • Lights/light Table for basic photography setup- Desk or floor lamps, LED lights, paper lanterns etc.




Bio: Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Canada, Cristal Buemi is a multimedia artist that holds a BA from Ryerson University and an MA from Bau, Design College of Barcelona.   While multidisciplinary by nature, (animation, video, photography, collage and digital design), her work pushes frame-by-frame boundaries by exploring the materiality and inherent beauty found in the minutia.  Both her collaborative and individual work have been exhibited worldwide including its inclusion in The New York City Independent Film Festival, Animac (Spain) and Harbourfront Centre’s Pandemic Postcards Series.   

Cristal’s passion for pedagogy and creative expression have enabled her involvement in the art education community with various organizations and schools such as TIFF, Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), The Koffler Centre of the Arts, York/Sheridan Design and Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada. As a facilitator she has had the opportunity to work with participants of various ages and backgrounds by leading artistic workshops, talks, camps and courses to help advance their creative practices. + @cristalclear