TAIS is delighted to invite the TAIS community & public to the 2020 Canadian Artist in Residence Artist talk with SJ Okemow on June 2nd 2021 at 7:00pm on the TAIS Discord server


Practice, Kinship, and Pandemic: Finding Wahkohtowin in Global Crisis


SJ is a multidisciplinary artist of Nehiyaw and Eastern European descent. Her work and practice has focused on the unseen, using her background in physiology as a gateway into animation and imagemaking. SJ began her stint as the Toronto Animated Image Society’s Canadian Artist in Residence in March of 2020 and quickly felt the impacts and implications of Covid-19. In tandem with the rapid social transformations brought on by the pandemic, the residency project shifted and slowed. A new focus emerged, demanding a revaluation of process and connection. This talk focuses on how the pandemic has shifted practice in both physical and conceptual ways as well as her continued work on the animation Wahkohtowin.