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Please note TAIS is maintaining indoor masking and vaccination policies until further notice. Participants will be expected to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask inside the studios.


Instructor: David Han

Date: April 10th

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Location: In-person at 1411 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON

Cost: FREE!

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About this Workshop:

Want to learn how to create immersive augmented reality? Take your digital art to the next level!

Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that enables the integration of digital media within a physical, real-world environment. In this beginner-friendly AR workshop presented by Toronto Artist and Educator David Han, learn how to use STYLY to build and publish a simple AR scene that can be experienced on Android and iOS devices, as well as head-mounted displays (Meta Quest, Microsoft Hololens, etc.) that support AR experiences. This workshop is a perfect introduction into the world of AR development with limitless potential.


Resources required:



About the Instructor:

David Han is a media artist, scholar and educator whose work employs emerging technology to explore the boundaries between computation, cinema and immersive media. His current practice employs a formalist approach to explore the unique affordances of virtual reality (VR) and aims to understand and expand the range of possibilities for creative practice in VR.



About STYLY:

STYLY is a free to use, cloud-based XR platform that includes 2 major components: a studio and a gallery.

The studio is designed to be user-friendly, and can be used to create and design all kinds of XR, AR and VR content. STYLY has designed the studio as a platform that can be used on all kinds of computers, and doesn’t require coding. The studio includes a built-in web based functionality where users can really easily design 3D objects and scenes using ready-made 3d objects, sky boxes, uploaded images and videos etc. The studio has a really big capacity and can also be used alongside many other animation programs such as Unity, Playmaker, Blender Maya etc. More complex scenes/objects can be designed in other programs and then uploaded to create complex animated experiences.

More info is on the main page of the STYLY site.

All content published on the STYLY studio is then available publicly on the STYLY gallery. Appearing as a VR ready web-browser, a mobile app, a Steam app and an Oculus app, the STYLY gallery invites users to experience all of the user-created XR. STYLY also enables social use of these gallery scenes, so groups can meet virtually and explore together.

An aspect of the STYLY pursuits is an educational program, known as the NEWVIEW school (coming to Toronto for the first time, Summer 2022). This course has been designed to teach advanced skills related to XR production using STYLY (including Unity focus, shading, animating, storyboarding, etc). Click here for more info!