The Frame is the Keyframe: Frame Anomalies

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Built-in Views - Sabrina Ratté


Built-in Views
Sabrina Ratté
Single channel video projection – loop (09:20), 2016
Video and Sound editing: Sabrina Ratté
Sound Design: Roger Tellier Craig 


Built-in Views investigates the integration of digital and analog textures, colors and shapes, into a 3D environment. The video depicts fragments of architecture constantly emerging and dissolving in an underlayer of refracting substance. This surreal landscape evolves in an unsettling ecosystem where the continuous flow of drifting structures is sometimes disrupted abruptly. Other times, the elements smoothly blend into the background, thus creating a sense of a unified and automated territory. The back and forth movement between the reflective plastic surfaces and the electronic textures suggests the dichotomy of materiality and light, the analog and the digital, and the unavoidable fusion of the two.


Haunting the 3D environment, electricity is a constant presence; it provides the light that is refracted  and emerges as subtle textures on the walls of the structures. The electricity even becomes fully visible and materializes at specific moments. Roger Tellier Craig’s entrancing soundscape punctuates these visual events, emphasizing the textures and movements. Metallic audio waves and bubbling synthetic tones enhance the ominous aura of the piece, providing an acoustic environment in which these events seemingly manifest themselves.



Sabrina Ratté‘s video practice investigates the creation of virtual environments generated by analog technologies. Electricity, as raw material, is sculpted, transformed and altered digitally to be reborn as luminous and vibrating architectures. Her work exists on the edge of science-fiction, between abstraction and figuration, utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape. Her works include installations, GIFs, prints and live performances. Previous exhibitions: Dolby Gallery (San Francisco), Young Project Gallery (Los Angeles), Paddles On! 1st Digital Art Auction at Phillips (New York), EMPAC (Troy), Museum of the Moving Image (New York), International Digital Arts Biennal – Bian (Montreal), the Lampo series (Chicago), Elektra (Montreal), MUTEK (Montreal, Mexico, Barcelona). She is represented by the Laffy Maffei Gallery in Paris.



The Frame is the Keyframe: Frame Anomalies

November 10, 2016 – December 16, 2016

Featuring new works by:

Becka Barker
Leslie Bell
Marten Berkman
Philippe Blanchard
Stephen Broomer
Sabrina Ratté
Nicolas Sassoon

Curated by Madi Piller, with an essay by Clint Enns

Presented with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts – Media Arts Initiatives


and with additional funding provided by

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