Workshop: Acetone Image Transfer Animation

Friday February 5th
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technical skills development
Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators


Arash Akhgari

Free for TAIS Members

Workshop Description

Acetone image transfer is a printmaking technique which is widely used in the mixed media art creation. In this workshop we explore how we can implement this technique in animation film making, and how we can use this method as a base to develop a unique style for frame by frame animation. We start the work based on a video footage and we take it to the next level!

Supply list for participants:

10 to 15 sec video footage. Black and white. High contrast.
One or two Chartpak AD Marker Blender per student:
Masking tape.
A plastic wall scraper (or something similar for pressing — Back of a regular table-spoon also could be used).
Drawing paper.
A setup to scan the frames. This could be simply an iPhone connected to DragonFrame

Optional: Ink, acrylic paint or gouache — to paint on top of each frame
Optional: Brush to add the paint on top.


DragonFrame + camera (iPhone also works)
Adobe AfterEffects or Adobe Premiere


Arash Akhgari is an independent animator and visual artist based in Montreal. He is focused on expressive language of visual art, moving image and abstract story telling. He works with traditional mediums for animation as well as painting, drawing and collage, and explores contemporary visual languages.