COURSE – Abstract Storytelling


Una Di Gallo



June 29th, July 6th 2022


6:30pm – 9:30pm


IN-PERSON** at 1411 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON

Beginner and/or Intermediate Animators

$90.00 for TAIS Members; $110.00 CAD for Non-Members

**We are planning to hold this course in-person at TAIS, but we reserve the right to postpone or hold it online depending on COVID protocols needed at the time. Full refunds are available if changes to the dates or hours of the class are prohibitive for the registrant. Registrants will be notified as soon as possible of any changes to the class and/or schedule.


Course Description

In this workshop, participants are invited to experiment with their ideas of storytelling. Using non-linear narratives, abstract imagery, rhythm, atmosphere and other devices, we will play with creating stories for animation that step outside of the traditional structure. This two part course will include hands-on storytelling exercises, and participants will be given the knowledge to tell their own stories through an abstract lens.



  • Pencil/paper, or a tablet/ipad – whatever you feel comfortable drawing and writing on.



Una Di Gallo is an award-winning animator, illustrator and director from Hamilton, Ontario. She’s worked in-house and freelance at a number of animation and design studios in Canada, and has released two independent shorts. Most recently, she directed animation for a National Film Board production. Currently, she is directing at a studio called Fern, and is in production on her newest short, Brightside. As a filmmaker, her goal is to explore emotions that she finds playful, ephemeral, and otherwise difficult to put into words. In her spare time, she makes music and publishes a yearly zine. / @unadigs