Studio Talk: Stacie Ant

March 15, 2017 – 7pm –
TAIS, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit B

Stacie Ant’s artistic practice combines animation with installation, video, and performance, and focuses on two themes – social issues brought to light through satire, and what she calls the post-internet effect on people’s perception and expectation of reality. Oftentimes, these two themes complement each other. Stacie seek to provoke these themes while at the same time creating work that is inviting, presenting installations people can interact with and be immersed in.

Join us on March 15 at 7pm for a studio talk with Stacie. During her time in residency, Stacie will produce a new work in animation consisting of CGI inspired geometric shapes projection mapped onto many large geometric objects of different shapes and sizes. Once installed, this work will present an environment that draws people in, inviting them to explore amongst the objects and become projection surfaces themselves. In her talk, Stacie will outline how this installation follows from her ongoing interest in the psychological effects of technology on our perception of reality – by treating both objects and people as projection surfaces within her installation, Stacie is suggesting the transformation of reality into abstraction.

Stacie Ant is a Ukrainian born artist who recently graduated from OCAD University. She works in a wide range of media, specializing in video installation and compositing. Through the use of satire, parody, references to pop culture and misrepresentation of gender roles, Ant attempts to deal with the absurdities of the world. Her work embraces vibrant colors, fast paced editing and pays homage to mid-century visual aesthetics. She uses a wide range of patterns and textures inspired by Eastern European traditional art. Ant is engaged in several curatorial projects. The themes of which, much like her solo works, are chosen to satirize internet culture.


TAIS programming is presented with the support of the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts


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