Welcome to the House of Unconsciousness

Artist Talk + Screening with Estonian Animator Priit Tender

November 5, 2016
3pm, PWYC
129 Spadina Ave. (Alleyway Coach House)

Join TAIS for an afternoon with Priit Tender, Estonian master animator and international award winner.

TAIS is very pleased to welcome Priit Tender to Toronto. Tender will present an artist talk on his practice and the animation tradition of Estonia, and will share three of his films “The Maggot Feeder”, “The House of Unconsciousness”, and “Bird Flu”. Following, there will be time for discussion with the artist. Presented by TAIS, in partnership with EstDocs Film Festival, LIFT, OCAD University, Pleasure Dome, and Eesti Joonisfilm.

About the artist/director:


Priit Tender (b.1971) is an Estonian animator, and the director, designer, and writer of many short animated films produced in both a drawn and stop motion tradition. His work is driven by surreal imagery, black humour, and the punishing bliss of the dark existential journey. To date, Tender’s filmography includes 17 films produced between 1996 and 2016, many of which have earned him prizes and nominations from international animation film festivals around the world, including Ottawa, Annecy, Hiroshima, Dresden, Fredrikstad, and Utrecht. More information on Priit Tender can be found HERE.

Programme detail:


The Maggot Feeder
RT 15:28, Digital, 2012
A man decides to kill his wife because she can’t have children. He builds a stone house on the seashore and starts to grow maggots in it. When the maggots are as thick as a wrist, he invites his wife for a walk on the beach. The Maggot Feeder is based on an ancient Chukchi folk tale. It takes us on a journey to the darkest alleys of the human mind.


House of Unconsciousness (Alateadvuse maja)
RT 10:41, Digital, 2015
This film is based on a long-term study of the dreams of chimney sweepers. The most frequently encountered images have been selected from the abundant material available and the script was created on the basis of those images. Statistics support the claim that this film presents one of the dreams that chimney sweepers encounter most frequently.


Bird Flu
RT: 09:40, Digital, 2016
Story about a man and a snake, an alcoholized penguin and the disappearance of birds. Story about an apple tree and apples, about roots and rootlessness. Story about a paradise and about the expel from it.

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