Contemporary Austrian Animated Experiments

TAIS Co-presentation, part of the 30 Years ASIFA AUSTRIA celebrations

November 20, 2015
7:00 PM
PIX FILM Gallery | 1411 Dufferin St. Unit C
Free of charge

Animation produced in Austria will most likely not entertain you with singing teapots, heroic toy-astronauts and flying elephants. Whether by destiny, fortune or accident, to date Austria has not developed a production environment for animation that can be seen as an industry. On the other hand, out of a vivid and independent tradition of creative authorship has emerged a persistent, determined, and distinctive identity for artists and filmmakers working with moving images in Austria today.

The roots of this current animation habitat reach far beyond the boundaries of conventional understandings of animation as a filmic art form. Since the middle of the 20th century, artists like Kurt Kren, Peter Kubelka and Moucle Blackout have explored the potentials and implications of film as a medium, but more recently, the artist Maria Lassnig has pushed for greater experimentation in animation production. Through Lassnig, a program for education in experimental animation production was established at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, 35 years ago. Through Lassnig’s efforts to extend animation to fine art, many animation artists currently active in Austria have been influenced, directly or indirectly. Moreover, in the wake of Lassnig’s emphasis on experimental animation, ASIFA AUSTRIA was founded (in 1985).

This program presents a selection of independent animated films, produced by members of ASIFA AUSTRIA. Curators and ASIFA AUSTRIA board members Holger Lang, Stefan Stratil and Franziska Bruckner have created a showcase of contemporary highlights that express a representative cross-section of the Austrian animation scene. Holger Lang will be in attendance to speak about the program and ASIFA AUSTRIA.

Program: 84 minutes, HD, 25fps, stereo

Stuck in a Groove, by Clemens Kogler

Echo, by Renate Kordon

Mystery Music, by Nicolas Mahler

Klanggaerten, by Iby Joland Varga

Neue Galerie Graz, by Norbert Trumer

Review, by Holger Lang

Taipeh Recyclers, by Nikki Schuster

Video 64, by Dextro

Granica, by Eni Brandner

Schreibmaschinerie, by Caro Estrada

Linz/Martinskirche, by Edith Stauber

Lautgedicht, by Hubert Sielecki

Ich kann es mir sehr gut vorstellen, by Daniel Suljic

Gugug, by Sabine Groschup

Sunny Afternoon, by Thomas Renoldner

Tintenkiller, by Veronika Schubert

Rotonda Xanadu, by Thomas Steiner

TINAMV1, by Adnan Popovic

I’m a star, by Stefan Stratil


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Presented with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum/Austrian Embassy