Image from Benjamin Edelberg’s ‘Townhomes Scare Me’ (2014)

A co-presentation between the8fest and the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Saturday January 31 – 9:00pm
Polish Combatants Hall (206 Beverley St., Toronto)

For  the8fest’s 2015 edition, the festival decided to echo its 2012 programme Adventures in AnimationlandCut Paste Animate focuses on animation and collage ─ bringing life to still images, playing with what can only be represented by abstracting shapes and bodies or  using hands and eyes to explore tensions between what is static and what must be kinetic. In addition to works received as submissions, the8fest has commissioned new animated works by visual artists already conversant with film and visual artists whose bodies of work have seriously implied sequences of moving pictures.

The Program:

Laugh   Anna Cassady   2013    Super 8   silent   2.5 min.

Buddha’s Daydream   Rich Fedorchak   2011   Super 8   sound   4:39

Hungry Bones   Berny Hi & Chrystene Ells   2014   Super 8   sound   3:20

Spinning Light   Kayako Oki  2014   Super 8   sound   3.5 min.

Interstices   Kyle Whitehead & Linda Rae Dornan  2014   Super 8   Sound   3:51

Ghosts   Mark Connery   2014   super 8   silent   3 min.

Townhomes Scare Me   Benjamin Edelberg   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.

What do you do?   Amy Lockhart   2014   Super 8        3 min.

Blueprint   Lisa Myers   2014   Super 8   sound   3 min.

Second Sun  Leslie Supnet   2014   Super 8  sound  3 min.

Film on Film   Madi Piller   2014   super 8 live sound   3 min.