TAIS provides professional, specialized animation production studios for artists engaged in the creation of independent animated work. TAIS is pleased to provide access to resources designed to meet the needs of artist-driven productions. Our five (5) private workstations come fully equipped. Scroll down to see rental prices for each station and the studio reservation request form. You must be a TAIS Studio Member to book studios. QUESTIONS? Contact TAIS at studio@tais.ca to arrange a tour!




STUDIO 1 – PC, 3D animating and rendering, VR station, overall size 8′-0″ x 10′-0″

STUDIO 2 – iMac, DSLR/16mm Oxberry table and camera, 2D / top-down stop motion animating station, overall size 10′-0″ x 10′-0″

STUDIO 3 – iMac, flex space, DSLR, overall size 10′-0″ x 10′-0″

STUDIO 4 *Lotte Reiniger Studio* – iMac, DSLR, stop motion animating station, overall size 8′-0″ x 10′-0″

STUDIO 5 – iMac, DSLR/35mm Oxberry table, flex space, overall size 12′-0″ x 17′-0″

MULTI-PURPOSE SPACE – couch, seating for 20-25 (*optional), folding tables (*optional), projection screen, overall size 20′-0″ x 20′-0″




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