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Ditogear Motion Kit and OmniSlider
Working speeds: MIN 1m/450 days in timelapse mode
MAX 1m/3.85s in video mode
Positioning precision in StopMotion mode: 0.1mm = 10 000 steps/m
Working track lengths: 1m (3.28ft) to 2.5m (8.2ft) to 2.5m (6.5ft)
Ditogear OmniHead
Dimensions 300mm x 220mm x 80mm (13.7” x 8.4” x 3”)
Angular positioning precision 0.0225°
Ditogear LensDrive
Dimensions 160mm x 125mm x 80mm (6.3” x 4.92” x 3.15”)
Lens gear standard MOD 0.8
Angular positioning precision 0.045°
Real time operation speed 360°/1.25s – 360°/35s (with OmniController)
Ditogear Dragonbridge
DitoGear DragonBridge is an electronic interface between
DitoGear motion control devices and DZED Systems Dragonframe
software. It allows you to control up to 8 axes of motion
control devices directly from Dragonframe software.
IOTA 3D Stereoscopic Slider, and IOTA Controller
The IOTA 3D Stereoscopic Slider, when paired with the IOTA
Controller and Dragon Stop Motion software creates the most
robust 3D stop-motion animation solution, including live 3D
playback of your scene in the animation window, and 3D
anaglyph QuickTime exports to share with others.