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ANALOG Description
16mm Film Rewinds
Hollywood long shaft (8″) rewinds
2000ft capacity
Full grip 4″ handle
Two point bolt on base
Geared ends
16mm Film Splicer
16mm Movie Film and Magnetic Sound Splicer
Straight/Diagonal Cut Frame
Line Dry Roll Tape
Zeiss Icon Moviscop 16mm cine editor/ viewer
Power supply: 220V / 50Hz
16mm Film Synchronizer
Magnasync Moviola Model SZD 4 Gang 16mm Film Synchronizer
Used to track the length of a reel of film, and to ensure
that the film is in “sync” with other reels of film when it is hand-cranked
Precision Labs optical and magnetic 16mm/35mm sound reader
Steenbeck ST1600
4-plate flatbed 16mm film editing, viewing and controlling table
Dimensions: 40″l x 34″w x 44″h