Microres Studio Talk: Lee D’Angelo

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

TAIS Studio


TAIS 2017 Microresidency Program hosts emerging Toronto animation artists, each for 3-weeks, to engage in production of a new animated work. 




April 19, 2017

Studio talk: Lee D’Angelo

7pm, at TAIS, 1411 Dufferin St. Unit B


For the duration of their residency, Lee D’Angelo will be producing a short clay-animation exploring queerness as it relates to notions of wildness and untameable forces of nature like hurricanes and earthquakes which reap havoc on society. Using Lee Edelmen’s words, “Queerness can never occupy and identity, only disturb one,” as a jumping off point, this animation explores the disruptive force of queerness as a vital catalyst for positive change on normative notions of gender identity. Beginning in a crystal cave, the subjects of this animation follow a trickling stream into day light where the find themselves on the belly of a giant. From there, chaos ensues.

Lee D’Angelo is a multidisciplinary visual artist working off the grid in Toronto as tattoo artist. Lee’s practice is informed by feminist and queer politics, which through this lens interrogates contemporary notions of the body. Often by using normative representations of gender found in pop culture, Lee dissects and reclaims what it means to identify as a woman.

TAIS programming is presented with the support of the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts


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