Seoul Station @ Reel Asian International Film Festival

9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

AGO Jackman Hall


Seoul Station

Director: Yeon Sang-Ho

@ Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Presented with the support of TAIS as a Community Partner 

AGO Jackman Hall
317 Dundas Street West
McCaul Street entrance

South Korea • 2016 • Rated 14A • RT 93:00 •  Korean with English subtitles • Toronto Premiere

In this animated prequel to Yeon Sang-Ho’s ambitious and wildly successful zombie apocalypse live action feature, Train To Busan (2016), a wounded man collapses in front of Seoul’s central subway station. Assuming he is homeless, nobody is willing to help. Soon after, the man undergoes a savage transformation, setting off a relentless chase that sweeps through the station, first among those squatting in the corridors and then spreading to everyone in the vicinity.

Similar to Yeon’s previous works, Seoul Station is a social commentary on hopelessness and alienation. As the true morality of humanness takes shape, even the living can become as threatening as the undead.


Yeon Sang-ho is a South Korean animator and director. Seoul Station is Sang-ho’s third animated feature after The King of Pigs(2011), the first Korean animation to screen at Cannes Film Festival, and The Fake (2011).