Screening: Animazing @ The 519

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

The 519


Presented by TAIS in partnership with The 519

Year two of the Animazing animation movie camp wrapped on August 25th. The 2017 camp was led by Animation Mentor Lee D’Angelo, Trans Mentor Julie Hamara, and coordinated by Andrea Vela Alarcón.

On September 8th, TAIS and The 519 celebrate the accomplishments of our eight (8) project participants: Ali Baron, Nicky Lam, Justin Pham, Alfred Limbo, Flora Nwakobi, Christina Dinh, X Botembe, and PJ Grant. [private screening]

On September 14th, join TAIS and The 519 for a public presentation of the Animazing programme at TAIS 2017 Annual General Meeting.


2017 Animazing programme


The Unexpected Roomate
by Ali Baron, 1:57 min, stop motion
An unfortunate apartment dweller faces trouble when a ghost moves in. The ghost faces trouble when the tenant doesn’t realize they are being haunted.

by Nicky Lam, 5:12 min, stop motion
A tiny bird experiences the wonders of crushing isolation in a straight up red-or-white world.

Out of Time
by Justin Pham, 4:20 min, stop motion
A story about our nature-bound brothers and sisters trying to overcome the bad hand they have been dealt by the human species.

A dance With You
by Alfred Limbo, 2:40 min, stop motion
A creative interpretation of the beauty of sexuality, gender expression and gender identity, as told through passionate and exquisite dance.

The Girl with the Rose Shirt
by Flora Nwakobi1:49 min, hand drawn and stop motion
A story about what a typical queer teenage girl does in class when she is bored.

A Simple Love Story
by Christina Dinh, 2:33 min, stop motion
A film that follows Jane and her crush on Charlotte.

Butt I love you
by X Botembe, 2:33 min, stop motion
A film about a butt who longs for the booty of her dreams who she once met at a Pizza Hut.

The Gay Agenda
by PJ Grant, 1:34 min, stop motion
An introduction to the daily gay agenda.




Funding for the Animazing! project is provided by the Canada Council for the Arts, Artist and Community Collaboration program.


Additional funding is provided by the OAC Media Arts Program.

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