MICRORES Studio Talk – Emily Pelstring

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Artist Talk & Screening

May 1 – 22, 2018
Studio talk: May 17, 7pm





For her residency, Emily Pelstring will continue production of a short experimental narrative animation with the working title Witch’s Work. This project will build on narrative trajectories the artist has been pursuing in their animation and multimedia practices, weaving together a series of surrealist, hand-drawn scenes culled from ancient mythology, the artist’s imagination, and a poem by Toronto-based poet Sara Peters.

The artist’s goal with this project is to deepen their engagement with storytelling practices as well as interrogation of hetero-patriarchal culture. In her creative practice and life, the artist is interested in using critical play as a feminist strategy of resistance. Witch’s Work will deliver surrealist and absurdist violence with a light touch and humorous undertones.

Emily will give a studio talk about their project at TAIS on May 17th, at 7pm, presenting the project as a work-in-progress and touching on her influences, which range from early computer animation and early formalist video art to 1960s psychedelic animations and contemporary feminist media practices.



Emily Pelstring is an artist and filmmaker based in Canada. Her interests as a creative practitioner are around the cultural context for technologies of visual representation. She experiments with special effects and optical distortions to call attention to the gesture of technological mediation. Her films and installations have been shown internationally in galleries and festivals, including Transmediale Berlin, Seoul International New Media Festival, Antimatter Media Art Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, FoFA Gallery, PDA Projects, Khyber Centre for the Arts, Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery, Galerie La Centrale, among others. Since 2010, she has directed music videos for numerous clients. She has two ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations that interrogate hetero-patriarchal culture through affirmative engagement with collectivity and camp aesthetics: Inflatable Deities (with Jessica Mensch) and The Powers (with Jessica Mensch and Katherine Kline). Emily is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s University.

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