MICRORES Studio Talk – Daniel Sterlin-Altman

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

Studio Talk

Studio talk: October 25, 7pm


Daniel Sterlin-Altman completed a TAIS Microresidency in June 2018 to create a new stop motion short film do you even carrot all?, a stop motion-animated short exploring sex, love, family, and regret complicit with queer identity. Daniel will present a studio talk about his project at TAIS on October 25th, at 7pm.

The film focuses on a protagonist, Carrot: a many-faced root vegetable. Through a series of voicemail playbacks, the pretty and ugly past of Carrot is revealed; partners, friends, flirtatious encounters, and partners’ mothers each have something to say to Carrot but just can’t get a hold of the slowly receding root.


Through humour and satire, do you even carrot all? scrutinizes the cause and effect of queer men navigating their own identities in their social spaces. Carrot is charming, compassionate and pleasure-seeking, and has roped in devoted lovers and betrayed them all the same.

Daniel will present the new work and process, along with a selection of past animated works.



Daniel Sterlin-Altman is a stop-motion animation filmmaker born in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Daniel creates short, absurd, and comedic animated films exploring family, queer identity, and tragedy through humour. His films and commissioned works have screened in festivals internationally, including Trickfilm Animation Festival, Anima Brussels, Inside Out LGBT Film Fest, and Outfest LA. His recent short, “Hi, It’s Your Mother” has been awarded jury and audience prizes from Image+Nation LGBT Fest, the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, and others, in addition to an online Vimeo Staff Pick. Daniel currently lives in Toronto.


The 2018-19 Microresidency Program is presented with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.


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