Madi Piller: Shock, Fear, and Belief @ Pleasure Dome

8:00 pm - 10:30 pm



Shock, Fear, and Belief: The Films and Videos of Madi Piller

Presented by Pleasure Dome

Co-presented by TAIS and the CFMDC

CineCycle – 129 Spadina Avenue
$8/ $5 Members + Students

Madi Piller has worked diligently and with a great appetite for the past fifteen years, working up her hybrid chops, mix-mastering a rigorous, emulsion-based formalism with a commitment to process and the joys of seeing. She was one of the first Super 8 filmmakers in Colombia, and tonight’s program will open with a glimpse of her earliest work, and the phenom who called herself Shakira. When Piller moved to Canada she raised the flag for animation, and made a brace of shorts that feature sometimes harrowing political recollections, carefully reworked, run through generations of frame by frame laser printings or else hand-painted frames, shuttling between film formats, working to find the feeling tone of recollection. The centerpiece of this retrospective is the world premiere of her new trilogy, a landscape of memory shot in her native Peru, where she reanimates the grounds of her seeing in a materialist rapture.


Shakira video 1 minutes video 1981

Animated Self-Portraits 9 minutes 2012

7200 Frames Under The Sun 3.5 minutes 2011

Toro Bravo 3:40 minutes 2007

Chambre de Torture: 1944 2.5 minutes 2003 (16mm)

Anonymous, 1855 1.5 minutes 2005 video

Bacchanal 15 minutes silent 2014 super 8

Untitled, 1925 Part three 10 minutes 2016

Untitled, 1925 Part two 8:45 minutes 2016

Untitled, 1925 Part one 7 minutes 2016


Madi Piller was born in Lima, Peru. She is a filmmaker, animator, programmer and independent curator based in Toronto, Canada. Her films and installations have been presented at film festivals, alternative spaces and contemporary art venues nationally and internationally. Her work has been produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. International residencies include Museum Quartier21 in Vienna, the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture in the Yukon, and the Independent Imaging Retreat in Durham, Ontario. Madi’s past curatorial work include several commissioning projects for the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) including Eleven in Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation in partnership with Christopher Cutts Gallery and presented at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa; Hello Amiga at Trinity Square Video, Toronto; OP ART Re-Imaged: Imaginable Spaces, co-curated by Kate Wilson in partnership with the Women’s Art Resource Centre and Trinity Square Video, Toronto; and, The Frame is the Keyframe: Frame Anomalies at TAIS.