Call for Submissions: TAIS Anijam

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Call for Submissions

Entries are now open for the 2018 Anijam
DEADLINE June 25, 2018 (by midnight).

Each year, TAIS’ Anijam features 10 second long animated films submitted under a theme, which are compiled and screened at the TAIS Annual Animation Showcase.

PRIZE FOR BEST ANIJAM – For the second year, the Showcase Jury’s pick for Best Anijam will be awarded a cash prize and in-kind studio use toward production of a short animated project for presentation at TAIS Showcase in 2019.

The 2018 theme is Fan Fiction

TAIS invites artists to submit to our 2018 Fan Fiction Anijam competition! We’re looking for 10 second-long mash-up masterpieces, creative never-before-seen combos, or unique universes populated by well-known characters. Not sure what Fan Fiction (a.k.a. Fanfic) is? A form of creative production made by fans for fans that pays homage or reimagines pre-existing characters and storylines based in fictional worlds, Fan Fiction often involves characters from different universes interacting or even getting mixed up with real-world people. A world-wide phenomenon, Fan Fiction has expanded in recent decades thanks to social media and the rise of fandom culture. 

Bearing in mind the rules of ‘fair dealing’ in Canadian copyright law, artists are required to submit only their own original animated work. Do not combine or otherwise edit together visual material you have not explicitly created. Artists are encouraged to consider parody, satire, and issues of appropriation, when using existing fictional or non-fictional characters. Most importantly, artists are encouraged to have fun with the 10-second format and narrative challenge!



The 2018 TAIS Animation Showcase and Anijam is scheduled for July 28, 2018.
QUESTIONS? Contact Jenn Snider, TAIS Executive Director –

The 2018 Showcase is presented with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts.


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