Bagerooo, ten! Part One

11:00 pm - 12:30 am

Polish Combatants Hall


TAIS is pleased to once again be a Community Sponsor of The 8 fest programme:

Bagerooo, ten! Part One

Friday, January 27, 11PM
Polish Combatants’ Hall
206 Beverley St, Toronto


The 8 fest is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in 2017! Check out all the fest details on there site HERE

The fest received enough submissions this year to once again split the annual Bagerooo screening, devoted to this year’s highlights, into two programmes. The films were selected from an international call for recent super 8, Regular 8 and 9.5 films. Augmenting this programmes are commissioned films by Ilse Kramer, Sandra Brewster, Francesco Gagliardi, Pixie Cram, and Sylvain Chaussee.



Scanning 8
John Porter
2016, super 8 projector performance, silent, 3:30
A remake of “Scanning 5” (1983) with the same movements and performer, David Anderson, but in a new location – Roundhouse Park on Bremner Blvd. in downtown Toronto. The “Scanning” series are “surround super 8” projector dances performed live, projecting the image around the room using a hand-held projector in front of the audience.

Blaine Speigel
2016, super 8 double projection, sound, 2:52
‘Viriditas’ — A transcendent garden journey through energy and light!

the years after split
Frank Biesendorfer
2015, regular 8mm double projector, silent, 7:30
(no description)

Notes on Camping (Colour Me Lurid)
David Frankovich
2015, super 8, silent, 2:38

A 150-minute-long durational performance with camera, playing with perception and time, the body and the pose.
“I am sick and tired of being naked in almost every scene.”
“Take me to a place where nobody knows my body.”

Shades of Safflower-dyed Celluloid
Kayako Oki
2015, super 8, sound, 10:00
In this film, I directly pasted seeds, leaves and petals of safflowers that I harvested with my friends, and petal cakes made from them on a 8mm film print, and fixed their shades on it. I also dyed a raw, transparent 8mm film with safflowers’ dyestuff and fixed its pigment on the film itself.

A Burning Thing
Adam Rosen & John Creson
2016, super 8, sound, 3:20
and it burns, burns, BURNS…
Sound by Ted Phillips

Guillermina Buzio
2016, super 8, sound, 3:12
Dalva raised eight boys by herself in Arembepe, a place where the sea and music mark the rhythm.

Batagur Baska
Bernd Luetzeler
2016, super 8, sound, 7:07
They gather here every day. They come from far and without purpose. They don’t know each other and they won’t come to know each other. They carry their gadgets to optimize the experience. They engage with the world through a small frame. They believe that this moment will remain unforgotten.

Apparent Wind
Steven Woloshen & Alexandra Grimaldis
2016, super 8, silent, 2:46
“Seen from above – super – 8 filmstrips laid down the length of our long, dark hallway. Giggling as we feel the wind in motion and fumble in the shadows with our flashlights.”

Everything Turns, Everything Revolves
Aaron Zeghers
2016, super 8, sound, 12:12
A shorthand study of the mythology of numbers. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages.

Membrana Mortis (Dead Film)
Kyle Whitehead
2016, super 8, sound, 5:00
“Membrana Mortis” is a meta-film, a chaotic assemblage of image fragments. Composed of re-photographed and extensively manipulated images derived from a damaged roll of film that was nearly un-projectable — its tongue-in-cheek tile has a two-fold meaning. While making reference to its own origin it simultaneously implies that the medium – super 8 cinema film – is a dead format; which is not to say it isn’t a viable medium for cinematic expression, but rather that it has been superseded by “superior” technologies and in the process has been released from the need for mimesis. The film is at once an elegy and a celebration of super 8’s re-birth into a world of total aesthetic freedom.

tidal bored III
Ilse Kramer
2017, super 8, silent, 3:00
this film, the third in an ongoing series about the mighty Fundy tide, was shot as a time-lapse over six hours. the location: a lookout point at the Hopewell rocks in New Brunswick, a tourist destination on a summer holiday. Kayaks dart in and out, resembling flocks of birds, and as the tide slowly subsides, people appear on the ocean floor to explore in muddy wonder.

Here… Was There
Sandra Brewster
2017, super 8, sound, 3:00
Becoming, embracing, evolving… flying, swooshing, swirling and twirling. This stop motion animation mash up expresses tensions that exist between love/intimacy and reluctancy/fear, depicted through markings of what is… and what was.

some cities
Francesco Gagliardi
2017, super 8, sound, 3:00
when skies at night when wind and buses and street lights when window when glass when houseplant and mountain when stars and cars and traffic lights when flickering signs when windswept skies when chair and curtain when wall and pillow when wet reflection wash when silver light when void when fall when open night

The Stone Dreams of The Cell
Pixie Cram
2017, super 8, silent, 3:00
“a hand-processed black and white film – a process piece reflecting on the organic and inorganic.”

November’s Dance
Sylvain Chaussee
2017, double projector, regular 8mm on 16mm, silent, 6:00
“This film portrays the dichotomy between the decaying and mechanical landscape of a film laboratory, and the incessantly evolving organic forms living in it.”