TAIS Members have access to a full range of well-maintained and up-to-date equipment that ranges from vintage analog to state-of-the-art digital.

Equipment Description
Canon 20D Body
8.5 Megapixel single-plate CMOS sensor with RGB primary color filter and Low-pass filter. 8.25 million pixels.
Formats: 24-Bit RGB (JPEG), 36-Bit RGB (RAW), sRGB or Adobe RGB color space selectable
Resolution: Large (3504×2336), Medium (2544×1696), Small (1752×1168)
Lens mount: Canon EF and EF-S lenses

All TAIS Studio Suites are equipped with a Computer (PC or Mac), DSLR Animation Kit, 2 Lights, and Animation/Video editing Software.

Additional equipment is available to use at anytime in Studio on a reservation basis or first come, first serve. Our equipment is listed here: Hardware + Software 2015 (check back frequently as our gallery and equipment list are constantly growing!)

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