TAIS Members have access to a range of specialized animation production equipment and accessories that range from vintage analog to digital and VFX


TAIS is developing a new web-catalogue of our animation presentation and production equipment and resources.


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Equipment Description
Canon 20D Body
8.5 Megapixel single-plate CMOS sensor with RGB primary color filter and Low-pass filter. 8.25 million pixels.
Formats: 24-Bit RGB (JPEG), 36-Bit RGB (RAW), sRGB or Adobe RGB color space selectable
Resolution: Large (3504×2336), Medium (2544×1696), Small (1752×1168)
Lens mount: Canon EF and EF-S lenses



TAIS Studios

TAIS provides professional, specialized animation production studios for artists engaged in the creation of independent animated work. TAIS is pleased to provide access to resources designed to meet the needs of artist-driven productions. Our five (5) private workstations come fully equipped.

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