Dynamics of Motion in Stop Motion Animation – William Allinson

Part 1, 2, 3,

Tuesday Oct 22, Tuesday Oct 29, AND Tuesday Nov 5 , 2019
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technical skills development

INSTRUCTOR William Allinson

3 sessions

Non-member $240/ TAIS Member $216 / Subsidized $126 Registration Open!

Workshop Description

This workshop will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the technical elements of motion that when applied to animation, specifically stop-motion, will create a believable sense of life within their characters.

Character movement for stop motion requires discipline and attention to detail. Awareness of movement and timing are key skills, and this course will provide opportunity for hands-on learning for beginners to begin to hone their sense of how to generate the performance they need from a stop motion character.

Class 1:

Theory: Introduction to the dynamics of motion, broken down with examples, citing the ’12 Basic Principles of Animation (in relation to motion design)’ from Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

In class: Exercises with armatures (either student’s or provided) in each of the basic principles of motion.

Class 2:

Theory: Technical aspects of creating and capturing realistic motion, with deeper study into individual frame breakdown, working within Dragonframe using guide tracks to dictate workflow, and a basic introduction to rigging armatures to execute a limitless range of action.

In class: Using a simple guide track (provided), the students will animate a brief scene of their own where decisions will be made about character timing in relation to what a specific scene demands.

Class 3:

Theory: A look into different aspects of ‘character’, and the influence this has over the physical movement of the armature to tell an engaging story that will capture an audience’s imagination.

In class: Students will animate a brief scene, using a scenario provided (including guide track) that will allow them to make decisions about character motivation in order to create a scene unique to their sensibilities as a storyteller.



William Allinson

William Allinson is an award-winning animator/director who whose work has screened at Cannes, TIFF, and Comic Con San Diego. William originally hails from Kingston ON, and has resided in Toronto since graduating from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. With work ranging from short film to music video to television production in mediums of both stop motion animation and live action, William is now focusing his efforts on creating a feature film that will combine the mediums. This will be the second outing for William teaching with TAIS on the subject of ‘dynamic motion in stop motion animation’ and he is very much looking forward to it! Most of all, he still doesn’t understand why biographies must be written in the 3rdperson…