Cristal’s Sunday FunDay Animation Workshop: Organic Textures

Online Workshop – Free for TAIS Members

Date: Sunday, June 7th

Time: 12-2pm



Workshop Description:  Participants experiment with different organic textures like beans, leaves, coffee grounds, salt and flowers,to create their very own frame-by-frame sequences in this mindful art-making 2-hour online workshop.

This unique and experimental approach to animation, highlights the various tonal values and unique details found in natural materials.  Whether it be an abstract sequence focusing on colour and close-ups or expressing an action through simple animated movements this workshop will help express a creative side while celebrating the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life.

Participants will be led through the setup of their home animation studio space, and learn the technical and creative steps involved in frame-by-frame animation using a free Stop Motion app.  Then through demos, creative discussions, and animation, participants are guided through producing their very own sequences.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with the Stop Motion Studio app and any natural materials you can find both inside and outside your home.  So rummage through those cupboards, pick through those herb gardens and come get creative the frame-by-frame way!


Workshop Outline:

 1)Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Myself and my Practice
  • Overview of workshop
  • Participants Introduction

2)Intro to Set Up and Software (15 minutes)

  • Overview of best setup to have (equipment, lighting, materials)
  • Software Overview: Stop motion Studio App
  • Participants follow along and set up their own spaces

3)Introduction to Stop Motion + Organic Materials (20 minutes)

  • Overview of basic frame-by-frame principles
  • Talk about various materials and what they can produce
  • Show examples
  • Discuss

4)Demo (20 minutes)

  • Show some examples of using materials either separate or mixed
  • Beans, Lentils, Salt, leaves, flowers, wood etc.
  • Go over materials participants have and brainstorm ideas

5)Animation (45 minutes)

  • Participants work on their own creations
  • Questions

6)Show work + Wrap Up (10 minutes)

  • Can go a little longer than 2 hours if participants need more time and support



Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Canada, Cristal Buemi has created multilingual works through the use of platforms such as stop motion animation, collage, motion graphics, film, photography and digital design. Her background in digital media (BA -Ryerson University 2009), art fundamentals (Certificate – Sheridan College 2015) and stop motion animation (MA – Bau Design College of Barcelona 2016) are showcased through her mixed media approach that integrates old techniques with new technologies. Her work pushes frame-by-frame boundaries and is driven by the exploration of materials and how to bring their natural detail to the forefront. Both her collaborative and individual works have been exhibited in Europe, North and South America.

Cristal’s passion for pedagogy and creative expression has enabled her involvement in the art education community with various organizations such as TIFF, SKETCH, Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), The Koffler Centre of the Arts and Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada. As a facilitator she has had the opportunity to work with participants of various ages and backgrounds by leading artistic workshops, talks, camps and courses to help advance their creative practices.




TAIS Workshops are presented with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.


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