Augmented Reality for Animators (At Home)

Online Workshop – Free for TAIS Members

Date: Saturday, May 30th

Time: 12-4pm


Learn how to connect paper and digital works for audiences using augmented reality platforms and free apps.  Make your art work jump off the printed page allowing you to distribute and sell multiples or create an art book, poster, t-shirts and totes that play your animations.  Explore possibilities for exhibiting works of animation, video and motion photography using frame stills and augmented reality and revive old works using stills from animations and video works in your portfolio.  In this 4 hour workshop animators will be introduced to innovative ways that augmented reality platforms are allowing video artists and animators to spread their work to audiences in new and portable ways that help work exist anywhere.  Participants will pair images with video and explore ways to mix images and video to create 3D effects that pop off the paper, fabric, painting, etc.  

No previous experience with A.R. development required. 


*** Participants must have access to a personal computer AS WELL AS a smart device, phone, iPad or tablet, as the works need to be created in the Artivive’s website portal and experienced through Artivive’s viewing app on a phone or tablet/iPad. ***


Workshop Outline:

1) Introductions (30 minutes)
• Myself and how I use Augmented Reality (AR) in my practice
• Overview of the basic image recognition technology behind what we’ll be doing
• Examples of ways it can be used
• Artivive’s platform specifically
• Participant introductions

2) Generating materials for “off-of-the-page” augmented reality (45 minutes)
• Overview of the different hardware, software and platforms working in AR and the differences between AR somewhere and AR everywhere
• Choosing and/or sourcing the best images for this technology
• Generating layers from the target image
• Generating a quick 2-image frame animation (and/or working with animations from your archives or sourced online)
• Exporting things in .png, .gif , .mp4 or .mov formats

3) Pairing image and digital animation (30 minutes)
• Getting familiar with Artivive’s creator’s online portal
• Pairing a target image with video or gif
• Using Artivive’s viewing app on phones and smart devices to see the AR in action
• Trouble shooting issues around sizing, aspect ratios, black bars, etc.
• Discussing how to best use the medium for an interesting effects

* 15 minute break

4) Working in 3D Pro (30 minutes)
• Getting familiar with Artivive’s 3D pro mode for creating 3-dimentional AR using .png layers
• Experimenting with size, doubling and flipping layers to create interesting effects
• Saving and viewing through app
• Thinking ahead to how to combine the 3D effects and the animations in interesting ways

5) Creating more complicated AR experiences mixing 3D and green screen video effects (1 hour)
• Returning to frame animation (Photoshop, Keynote, Flip-a-Clip, etc.)
• Working in video editing software to create green-screen videos for transparent animated loops
• Working in 3-D Pro to complicate our AR experience by mixing video and layers for 3D effects
• Troubleshooting issues and exploring tricks and hacks

6) Share trigger images for others to view at home (15 minutes)
• Can go a little longer than 2 hours if participants need more time and support

7) Wrap up (15 minutes)
• Questions, extra help and sharing ideas for how this technology can help disseminate your works and monetize aspects of your practice as this technology emerges
• Flagging more interesting art and artists doing this work in order to connect with creators and audiences interested in AR


karen darricades is an artist, educator and writer living in Toronto.  Since completing her bachelor of Arts in visual arts and linguistics at the University of Toronto and a diploma in photography and visual communications at EFET (Paris, France), she has worked in publishing, art directed films and has exhibited her wearable art, soft sculptures and interactive installation works through Gallery 1313, The Gladstone hotel, Toronto Free Gallery and Common Threads.  She has taught photography, frame-animation, sound art and (digital and paper) collage to thousands of people ages 7-90 through her arts organization Never Gallery Ready and has been using augmented reality to showcase these works outside of traditional screen-viewings.  She is currently studying augmented and virtual reality development at Ryerson University.




TAIS Workshops are presented with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.


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