Animazing web strip

Lee D’Angelo – Animation Mentor

Lee D’Angelo is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in Toronto as an animator and tattoo artist. Lee’s practice is informed by feminist and queer politics, which through this lens interrogates contemporary notions of the body. Often by using normative representations of gender found in pop culture Lee dissects and reclaims what it means to identify as a woman. Lee’s claymation approach topics of gender and identity which inquiry and whimsy.


Julie Hamara – LGBTQ Mentor

Julia Hamara is the Assistant coordinator for The 519’s Trans Youth Mentorship Program. Julie has a background in education, and she says that investing herself in the community has highlighted for her the importance of spaces like the 519—safe spaces where acceptance, love, and celebration underscore discussions about trans experience. For Animazing!, Julie’s role is that of LGBTQ Mentor for the participants. She will be present each day and is excited to get to know everyone and speak with them about their animation projects.


Andrea Vela Alarcon, Project Coordinator

Andrea Vela Alarcón is a Peruvian outreach strategist and illustrator. She has extensive experience designing educational and artistic platforms that combine art and social issues, with the goal of shaping the mainstream discourse on gender, culture and citizenship. She has worked as a Professor of Qualitative Research Methods at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and as an outreach strategist for many organizations in Peru. Her artistic work is inspired by the naive art style and Amazonian and Andean culture. She has published works on China and Peru.


Animazing web strip