Workshop: Animating Found Objects

October 14th 2020
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technical skills development – Beginner/Intermediate


Free for TAIS Members!



Participants will be introduced to various techniques incorporating scavenged objects and materials into handmade animated videos. Participants will be encouraged to use natural found objects (such as leaves, flowers, dirt, rocks, etc…) as well as any other footage they wish to use to produce a small experiment during the workshop.

The natural found objects will be used for stop motion animation (using camera and scanner) as well as material for drawing and mark-making. Attendees will then be guided through the process of overlaying all of their footage together using Adobe Premiere. Participants will be given tips on how to set up their home studio and introduced to different workflows. Participants will be encouraged to follow along with various aspects of the tutorial, and will be given time to experiment on their own.

Required for this workshop will be a camera & tripod and/or a scanner, Adobe Premiere (or equivalent), as well as any natural scavenged materials of choice. Also, optional: Stop motion software of choice.




Jeff Mann is an audio/visual artist and sculptor currently residing in Quebec. Currently, Mann is working with hand-drawn and stop motion animation, as well as with super-8 film and digital special effects. All of my work contemplates the relationship between the body and the natural world through digital media and personal experience. Mann has exhibited and screened work all over Canada. Presently, Mann is working on a series of animations from their home studio in Montreal, investigating new ways of working using naturally scavenged materials.