Acknowledging use of TAIS Equipment & Studios

The use of TAIS equipment and studios constitutes a form of production assistance to the animator by TAIS, and as such TAIS must be fully acknowledged and credited in the title and/or credit sequence of any production receiving such assistance. TAIS logos are available for download below.

TAIS offsite equipment resources are available for rent by independent animation productions. In studio use of equipment and resources are available to non-commercial, independent productions though we accept Third-Party rentals for commercial, non-independent productions on a case-by-case basis. Contact studio@tais.ca for more information.

Click the logos below to access high resolution versions of the TAIS logo for use in acknowledging TAIS for community co-presentations and/or films produced at the TAIS studio and/or using TAIS equipment.

TAIS logo – JPG 2625 pixels x 1500 pixels



TAIS logo – PNG 2625 pixels x 1500 pixels


Where a logo is not appropriate, in place of our logo community partners and TAIS-assisted animators may use text recognition such as “Produced with the support of the Toronto Animated Image Society”, and link to our website at www.tais.ca

We also encourage community partners and TAIS-assisted animators to tag or link to us on social media:

Twitter: @TAIS_Animation

Facebook: /TorontoAnimatedImageSociety

Instagram: @tais_animation