Saturday January 18th
11:00am – 5:00pm

Technical skills development – Beginner/Intermediate

INSTRUCTOR  Miguel Sternberg

1 session

Non-member $200/ TAIS Member $164/ Subsidized $104 Registration Open! – Aseprite License Included

Non-member $180/ TAIS Member $144/ Subsidized $84 Registration Open! – Recommended for people who already own a Software – Aseprite.  

**Trial version does not let you save your work.**


8-Bit and Beyond: Pixel Art Animation for Games

This 6 hour workshop covers essential pixel art techniques, from old school 8-bit to the “hi-bit” styles used in modern indie games. Learn how to design and animate a pixel art character and unique aspects of creating 2D videogame art, including some important exceptions to the traditional principles of animation. By the end of the workshop participants will create a small character using Aseprite and import it into a simple Scratch game they can play at home.

It’s recommended that participants have some knowledge of using 2D art software and the basic principles of animation. 




Miguel Sternberg is a game designer and pixel artist living in Toronto. A veteran of the local indie game scene, he currently runs the micro-studio Spooky Squid Games, where he co-created the gothic-cute platformer They Bleed Pixels and Russian Subway Dogs, an arcade game inspired by the real life stray dogs of the Moscow metro. His pixel art has graced a wide range of games and media including the back cover of Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, the movie Crank, and the web game Legends of Zork.