RETROSPECTIVE – Ülo Pikkov @ EstDocs

Sunday, November 5th
Tartu College – 310 Bloor St West

TAIS is thrilled to be co-presenting this retrospective event with EstDocs – Take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet the world renown and award-winning animator Ülo Pikkov.

Pikkov will present a talk about the art of animated documentary and will screen three of his short films, Body Memory (Keha mälu), Tick Tock (Tik Tak), and Empty Space (Tühi Ruum).

Ülo Pikkov is an internationally renowned filmmaker, producer and film scholar. He studied animation at Turku Arts Academy in Finland and directed several award-winning animation films (Empty SpaceTik-TakBody MemoryThe EndDialogos). Pikkov is also the author of “Animasophy, Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film” (2011). He graduated from Law at the University of Tartu, focusing on media and author’s rights. He is completing his doctorate at the Estonian Academy of Arts and producing animation and documentary films at Silmviburlane.

ulo pikkov4

Body Memory (Keha mälu)
Ülo Pikkov

2011, RT 10:00, Estonia

What can an old apple tree tell us? What mysteries are hidden in his roots, gnarled over time? Does he remember the serpent and the lost Paradise? Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine. It keeps alive the stories of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But how far back is it possible to go in your body memory? The stop-motion animation, “Body Memory”, takes as its central concept the idea that our body remembers, not only individual experiences, but the sorrow and pain of our predecessors. A powerful visualization of subconscious processes and the hidden horror of deportation. Inspired by historical events: the Soviet deportations from Estonia in the 1940s.

ulo pikkov3

Tick Tock (Tik-Tak)
Ülo Pikkov
2015, RT 10:00, Estonia

The Watchmaker controls time, but the mouse living in the Watchmaker’s workshop controls the clocks. Thoughts about time and its ephemeral nature.

ulo pikkov2

Empty Space (Tühi Ruum)
Ülo Pikkov
2016, RT 11:00, Estonia

In 1944, Leonhard Lina (1914–1994), a former officer of Estonian Defence Forces,  went into hiding to avoid capture and imprisonment. Trapped in a small hollow in the double ceiling of a potato storage and longing for home, he built a miniature replica of it. He crafted 217 tiny pieces of furniture and household items. The doll furniture was meant as a present for his daughter, Merike, whom he’d last seen a few months after her birth. Leonhard made for her a perfect copy of their former apartment with available materials. After ten years of being underground, Leonhard received a message that he was not being accused of anything. Merike was 10 years old when she finally got her present.

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