Screening: Little Spells

Little Spells

Wednesday, October 26, 8pm, PWYC

Presented by TAIS in PIX Film Gallery
1411 Dufferin St. Unit C

Little Spells brings together recent Canadian and international animated short films exploring dream-like states and nocturnal magic. Featuring work by TAIS Members, artists Ashley LoRusso, Laura Dobson, and Susan Wolf, alongside work by artists Andy Kennedy, Magnus Lenneskog, Gabriel de la Roche, and Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu. Curated by Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea.

Programme detail (screening order):


Swimming in the Imaginary
Susan Wolf (Halifax), 2016, HD video, RT 01:31
A short dream in the theatre of the mind; a symbolic and metaphorical take on the process of generating ideas for an animation.


Don’t Give Up
Laura Dobson (Toronto), 2016, HD video, RT 01:03
A short meditation on the creative process and the importance of failure.

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Slow Wave
Andy Kennedy (USA), 2016, HD video, RT 03:32
Sleep disturbances from outside and within.


Hydras (Les Hydres)
Gabriel de la Roche (France), 2016, HD video, RT 04:55
The sea reached Alsace, spreading all over the territory. Gigantic monsters are sailing across the waves. A man dives into the deep ocean only to be devoured by the great red snakes and melt inside their flanks, and finally reach the sun under the sea.


Stockholm 6
Magnus Lenneskog (UK), 2015, HD video, RT 08:35
An animated chamber play set during the darkest days of the year in a Stockholm apartment block. A hardworking (and damn good) postman tries to do his job but the building and its tenants are not making it easy for him. The film sits somewhere between dream and reality and just happens to draw inspiration from the filmmakers own experiences as a postman in this particular area of the city.


RotoJam: Winter Edition  
Ashley Lo Russo (Toronto), 2016, HD video, RT 02:06
RotoJam is a collaboration between animators who rotoscope sections of footage in order to make a single video that displays a variety of styles and techniques. Featuring segments animated by Emily Waknine, Marc Bedard, Grayden Laing, Edward Ramsay-Morin, Ashley Lo Russo, Shawna-Lee Tai, Janet Cheung, Jean-Guy MacLeod, Alexandra Papouchina, and Kaya O’Hearn.


Faded Finery (Oripeaux)
Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu (France), 2015, HD video, RT 10:04
In a remote village, a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes. But the villagers brutally put an end to this relationship, unaware of the revolution that awaits.


Curated by Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea.

A Toronto-based animator, digital media artist, and teacher, Gustavo specializes in computer animation, installation, and drawing. His work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally. He currently teaches at OCAD and Brock University.


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